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2 + 5 = 25

Published January 7, 2010 by Jackie

Rules: The first rule is, there are no rules. Write whatever is on your mind pertaining to the happenings of your life & spread some cheer and share it with others. 🙂

1. I swear to Christ, I’m moving where snow doesn’t exist.
2. Tech N9ne speaks the truth.
3. For some reason I really want to cuddle.
4. I’ve consumed way too much alcohol in my time.
5. Every time I talk to my ex, I don’t feel so bad about my life.
6. I swear, I know what I’m doing! Just trust me on that.
7.I am so sick of bad parents. Either learn to grow up and raise your own fucking kid or get yourself neutered.
8. Chocolate is the correct answer to everything.
9. Nothing sounds as beautiful and pure as an acoustic song.
10. Don’t assume you’re in my head or that you know what I’m thinking. You’ll be wrong.
11. I really don’t have all of the answers. I don’t have myself figured out. It just looks like that because when somebody else has a problem I can shove my own aside to help them.
12.There is no divine justice that will help you win the lotto. So stop praying to win the fucking lotto!
13. I’m just as human as you. Treat me like it. I’m not special or different. I don’t have a plague.
14. Learn me first hand. Don’t just go by word of mouth.
15.There is no reason EVER to hurt someone with a disability. I don’t care if they stole your lunch money or if they fucked your boyfriend. It’s immature and childish. And you should shoot yourself in the face.
16. I’m the worst sister ever because I haven’t seen my twin since Christmas Eve.
17. I like being needed.
18. I still watch Saturday morning cartoons in my pajamas with a big bowl of fruity pebbles.
19. I’m addicted to my phone.
20. I haven’t spent time with my mother since 2005. I miss her.
21. I watch Chowder every time it’s on television. It’s brain numbing.
22. I can’t stop thinking in mathematical equasions.
23. I want my super hero cape, dammit!
24. There’s this girl. She’s pretty. But I can’t fucking stand her. And I feel like I’m lying when I sit there and pretend to get along with her and play civil.
25. I’m inadequate. Deal with it.