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Baaaaaaaaaaad feeling

Published October 24, 2010 by Jackie

Kitty Murphy : I’m not sure what I’m doing. The concept of being buried and eventually becoming worm food grosses me out

Jacqueline Lewis 3:32 pm get creamated so you can be pressed in to vinyl records

Kitty Murphy 3:32 pm but the concept of being incinerated doesn’t do much for me either. I was contemplating looking into being shot into space

Jacqueline Lewis 3:32 pm can I dress you up as Spock if you do?

Kitty Murphy 3:32 pm No. Scotty or Bones

Jacqueline Lewis 3:32 pm Deal

Jacqueline Lewis 3:33 pm I’ll even get someone to play the bagpipes as you get launched

Kitty Murphy 3:33 pm Oh, one quick thing. If I ever end up sentenced to death, my final wish will be that I go dressed as a red-shirt.

Jacqueline Lewis 3:34 pm YES

Kitty Murphy 3:34 pm Particularly if I am actually innocent

Jacqueline Lewis 3:34 pm I want pictures

Kitty Murphy 3:34 pm Somehow, I imagine you’ll be there

Jacqueline Lewis 3:35 pm probably next to you asking for a glass of wine before meeting the firing squad

Kitty Murphy 3:35 pm Ooh, yeah.

Jacqueline Lewis 3:36 pm “Where the fuck is my merlot, Frenchy?! Don’t you know I’m dying today?”

Kitty Murphy 3:36 pm “Make mine a bourbon, if you would.”

Jacqueline Lewis 3:36 pm I’d be so polite

Kitty Murphy 3:36 pm So what are we going down for? Blowing up a bus full of nuns and orphans?

Jacqueline Lewis 3:37 pm too overdone. I say we steal the pope’s hat and egg-mobile

Kitty Murphy 3:37 pm Nah, not a capital offense.

Jacqueline Lewis 3:37 pm it just starts with that so we can piss off the Catholic masses

Kitty Murphy 3:37 pm Why not just murderize the pope?

Kitty Murphy 3:38 pm Ooh! Crucify the bastard

Jacqueline Lewis 3:38 pm We can make him a hood ornament orniment? ornement? ornament? However you spell it

Kitty Murphy 3:38 pm On a cross made of the bones of gays and pagans

Jacqueline Lewis 3:38 pm YES

Kitty Murphy 3:38 pm You were right the first time, btw

Jacqueline Lewis 3:39 pm We should also find one of those places where people are still locked up for being gay and free them and then have them join our rampage

Kitty Murphy 3:39 pm And then glass the place? Homosexual revolution!

Jacqueline Lewis 3:39 pm We can get a bunch of white horses and party hats to make them look like unicorns and have the gays ride off on them

Kitty Murphy 3:40 pm While throwing glitter and Doc Martens

Jacqueline Lewis 3:40 pm and for Fuck’s sake the Kids Bop kids DIE

Kitty Murphy 3:40 pm Hung by their vocal cords

Jacqueline Lewis 3:41 pm and sodomized by Ronald McDonald

Kitty Murphy 3:41 pm Ehhhh Too creepy

Jacqueline Lewis 3:41 pm Ronald’s dying too he just gets to be happy before death because I like his fries

Kitty Murphy 3:41 pm Screw the fries man. I’m a McNugget fan

Jacqueline Lewis 3:42 pm all teh more reason why his death is happier than the kids bop kids

Jacqueline Lewis 3:44 pm We’ll be awesome vigilantes righting the social wrongs thrown on to our society, feeding people who abuse animals to bears and skinning the Jersey Shore cast to make leather bags out of their gross skin

Kitty Murphy 3:44 pm YES

Jacqueline Lewis 3:48 pm Finally we go crazy from running and everything looks like a GTA screen we’re able to see our collective wanted stars and we’re fucked so we hide thinking that after enough time the stars will vanish

Kitty Murphy 3:48 pm Che Guaverra, eat your heart outJacqueline Lewis 3:48 pm we get picked up in Jersey thinking we’re in France because of the smell

Kitty Murphy 3:49 pm We inadvertantly find bin Laden’s hidey-hole first and kill his ass

Jacqueline Lewis 3:49 pm which is where we meet our end at the firing squad after doing trillions in damage XD

Kitty Murphy 3:49 pm And they suddenly don’t want to kill us anymore. But they have to.

Jacqueline Lewis 3:49 pm because we murdered their gods

Kitty Murphy 3:49 pm So we get to choose our way of death as a reward for doing the country proud in that way. We choose firing squad.Jacqueline Lewis 3:50 pm and mocked their religion of GTL

Kitty Murphy 3:50 pm And go down drinking

Jacqueline Lewis 3:50 pm in red shirts and we go down in history books as great heroes who liverated the world of not only the Kids Bop Kids, not only the Jersey Shore cast, but the most evil looking pope ever

Kitty Murphy 3:52 pm We need to not meet in person for the sake of the world

Jacqueline Lewis 3:52 pm XD I’m saving this conversation and throwing it in a facebook note

Kitty Murphy 3:52 pm You and me both