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Let’s turn this room into a pirate ship and conquer each other.

Published March 29, 2012 by Jackie

Life somehow went crazy on me. SUPER CRAZY. So crazy I had a panic attack, and a pretty bad one at that. And someone a while ago told me that we discover things about us in the chaos and tumultuous events that makes our so-called lives. And you know what? I’m pretty fucking strong. I’ve explained the circumstances to people I trust with it. I really don’t want to delve in to the specifics when I have to be to work in 2 hours or less. but it’s almost surreal like a movie and it’s overwhelming.

Problem: I work two dead end jobs that are going no where, both in which deviate on my career path.
Solution: Fix up my resume. Look for jobs in my field. Get an interview. Put in my 2 weeks notice. Make money. Sounds easy enough.

Problem: I feel sluggish and I don’t eat often.
Solution: Eat better and more often, you dumb fuck! Also, sleep more than every 3 days.

Problem: I’m uncomfortable with my living situation. There’s too much chaos and yelling.
Solution: Change what you can. If that doesn’t work out, it can’t be that hard to rock a one bedroom apartment. Plus, cats make the best room mates.

Problem: I never have enough time.
Solution: I make what, $7.25 an hour at each job? That’s $290 a week per job. $580 a check per job. $2,320 a month. All before taxes. Start making $14.50 an hour and only work 8 hours. Which brings us to solution number one. Get back in to my field taking care of people with brain damage.

So far that’s about as far as my constructive thoughts have carried me. Mind you, this is a work in progress. But it goes in line with my priority list.

  1. Financial problems need fixed ASAP
  2. Healthy living environment needed NAO!
  3. Personal health (mental and physical) need a tune up
  4. Possible car (side effect of #1 priority for the moment)
  5. STOP MELTING DOWN AND STRESSING (possible side effect from #3)

I’m sure as I go this list will get bigger.