Published August 12, 2012 by Jackie

I walk.
I wait.
I stop.
I hesitate.
I am.
I breathe.
I meant
I think of me.
Is it any wonder I can’t sleep.
All I had is all you gave to me.
Is it any wonder I found peace through you?
-Eye by The Smashing Pumpkins

It dawns on me how terrible I am at updating this. Half the time I’m not sure why it exists. But it’s still an outlet. I think I have it because then I always have someone to talk to. Or maybe people just have me jaded. I’m finding it difficult to speak to people. It always turns in to the same tourniquet wrapped too tight. But a lot has been bothering me lately. So I imagine I’ll be updating more. Just not until I attempt to process the calamity that swells on the breached borders of my reality. I’m still alive even if on some days begrudgingly so.


2 comments on “Eye.

  • I think we all feel pissy, overwhelmed, frustrated things are going the way we want them to/ think they should. At least writing it down helps to get some of it out of our head’s…well, at least mine, anyway. Hang in there!

    • I appreciate the encouragement! Sorry for the delayed response. I’ve been trying to do a bit of an overhaul on all of my social networking and it’s been bogging me down.

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